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The Popularity of Sunless Tanning and Using CBD Spray Treatment

A lot of people go with whatever is trending in terms of their skin wherein in the past pale was in while today, tan is in. Civilizations have passed and there is no denying just how much people have given importance to their appearance. From the Japanese Geishas to the ancient Egyptians, you will see just how their skin tone preferences change all for the quest of beauty. People who belong to the royalty class made sure to keep their faces pale so they can set themselves apart from commoners whose skin was dark. In 1923, Coco Chanel started the trend of having golden brown skin after her sailing vacation. Come the harsh winter months, the privileged few then made sure to go on a tropical vacation in order for them to claim what position they have in the society. Fast forward to the 1950s where bikinis were invented, being tan all over then became a trend where people came flocking to the beaches to soak under the heat of the sun. Tanning became very popular. However, tanned skin seem to fade away when the winter season comes. It was during the 1960s that the first attempt at sunless tanning has come to be with the invention of the first ever tanning lotion. However, orange became the result of this product. Going to the 1970s, the tanning beds have been invented and has been a cult favorite for several decades.

And yet, the harmful effects of tanning booths and the sun’s UV rays are becoming well known. For people who spend most of their time under the sun, skin cancer was the most common issue among them. This has led a lot of people to go back to sunless tanning methods, more specifically tanning sprays. The latest in sunless tanning is CBD spray treatment where you can get more info here!

DHA or dihydroxyacetone is the main ingredient of these sunless tanning sprays. A lot of studies have claimed just how safe this component is on the skin and can provide one with the most amazing results in sunless tanning. It can turn your skin brown because of its reaction with your upper skin layers. Getting this tan can give you up to a maximum of ten days where afterward they fade as your skin cells will replace themselves.

There are different sunless tanning products that you can choose from these days. You have sunless tanning lotions, gels, and sprays. Each of them will provide you with their respective benefits but all of them have the DHA content in them. There are even new sunless tanning products that have CBD content in them in the form of CBD additive drops. By combining CBD and spray tans, you will not just enjoy achieving the tanning results that you want but also you get to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

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