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Renowned People Who Smoke Weed

You will note that weed is being made legal quite fast across a good number of states in the country. This is what has led to the emergence of so many of its proponents. There are various celebrities that were initially reluctant to state their fondness for weed out of fear of bad publicity. You will note that recreational weed is also legal in some states. So many celebrities are now coming up to show the value that they attach to weed. They include the following.

Kristin Bell is a great songbird that you will certainly appreciate. Her awesome acting skills have actually ended up touching so many of her audiences. You will note that most of Kristins movies are comedies and even romantic comedies. You will learn that Kristin greatly values the use of weed. You will realize that she often relies on weed to unwind. She also points out that this hardly bothers her sober husband. We also have Lady Gaga. It is imperative to indicate that she is a multi-millionaire that is appreciated for performing musical extravaganzas as well as awesome vocals in front of relatively huge audiences across the globe. It is necessary to indicate that she has great stamina and strength. She has always been open about her weed use. Gaga claims that weed helps her to create. She claims to enjoy weed from time to time.

You will also realize that there is Carl Sagan. He is known to be one of the greatest astronomers of our time. You will learn that he popularized science through his books and even a television series. You will also realize that he enjoys pot so much. In fact, he is known to have advocated for its legalization. He says that it helped him think creatively and even in his perceptions. You will also learn of Steve Jobs who was the founder of Apple. He indicated that he went through some tough time that pushed him to consume large amounts of marijuana. He however had to reconsider and thus cut down after a period of time. It is necessary to mention that he enjoyed weed every now and then.

Andy Cohen is yet another celebrity who loves weed. He is a TV show host and has produced the entire Housewives franchise. You will find him talking about his love for weed on an infrequent basis. In fact, he has pointed out more than once that he has smoked in the company of a number of celebrities including Bob Weir. There are a good number of celebrities that smoke as well as enjoy weed.