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Tips for Starting a Cannabis Dispensary.

The number of customer that dispensaries were serving per day was estimated to be around 100 customers. The industry to continue growing even in the future, so if you are thinking of getting into this industry, this is the best time before it gets crowded. In this article, we will give you a guide on how start a cannabis dispensary in Nevada.

In Nevada marijuana dispensaries are authorized and it is legal to have recreational marijuana. It is expected the sales of marijuana to be at 280,000,000 dollars in the years 2021. Acquiring a marijuana license in future may not be easy. If you have tips on how to start a cannabis dispensary, it will be easier for you.

The number of dispensaries allowed per county in Nevada depend with the population. If a county has more than 700,000 people at least 40 dispensaries are allowed. There should not be more than 1 dispensary for a population below 55,000.

To obtain a cannabis license, there is some fee that you will be required to pay. If you are opening a medical cannabis dispensary, you will be charged $30,000 for registration and $5,000 for renewal. For medical cultivation facility and cannabis products manufacturer a fee of $3000 is required for registration and every time you do the renewal you will be charged $1000. If you need a testing lab, be ready with $5000 for registration and annually $3000 for renewal. Both whole sellers and retailers of cannabis products are charged a 2% excise duty.

If you need to acquire a license, it is advisable you get it from the tax department. You can read more on cannabis licensing here.

If you want to be able to distribute cannabis from one establishment to the next get a distributor license.

The second one is the cultivation facility with this license, you can grow, cultivate and package the cannabis but you cannot sell to consumers.

If you need a license to manufacture the cannabis and cannabis products, get the products manufacturing facility.

The retail store license is ideal for anyone that wants to buy marijuana from manufacturer and sell to consumers.

If you want to test the marijuana, a testing facility license is ideal.

You will also be required to have cash for capital and a business premises. It is important you show how you will run the dispensary.

The amount of money you will make from the dispensary will be determined by the location and the population.

The age limit for cannabis products its 21 years. Knowing the medical conditions for one to purchase medical marijuana is important.